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The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History

The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History

Justin Garwood & Michael Kauffman

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 Shaped by geology, these mountains form an ancient jigsaw puzzle and topographic mosaic dissected by big-shouldered river canyons and sharp ridgelines that create localized climatic gradients. Within the geomorphic province, the rocks are much older than in surrounding regions. This dichotomy has allowed many distinct evolutionary lineages of plants and animals to adapt, survive, and sometimes speciate where elsewhere they became extirpated long ago.

The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History

  • Describes and documents one of the most biodiverse temperate mountain ranges on Earth. 
  • The first comprehensive Natural History written for this region.
  • 34 contributing authors–all experts in their fields.
  • Chapters including Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Plant Communities, First Peoples, Geology, Climate, Fire Ecology, and much more. 
  • Full color, rich illustrations, and well-curated photographs bring 496 pages to life!

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