Other Ways to Give

Strengthen your legacy by including SMC in your will
Leave a percentage of your estate, set dollar amount, specific asset, or name SMC as a contingent beneficiary. Remembering SMC in your will is simple, and you can leave a percentage of your estate, a fixed dollar amount, or a specific asset including securities. Just ask your estate planner.

Donate securities
We accept donations in stock, bonds, and other investment-grade securities. In some cases, we may accept property or other assets as a gift. Just email gabe@siskiyoumountainclub.org to discuss details.

Charitable remainder trusts
Charitable remainder trusts are irrevocable trusts that let you donate assets to charity and draw annual income for life or for a specific time period. In this case a donor transfers property, cash, or other assets, and the trust pays income to at least 1 living beneficiary. The payments continue for a specific term of up to 20 years or the life of beneficiaries. Contact gabe@siskiyoumountainclub.org to learn more and discuss.