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Conifers of the Pacific Slope

Conifers of the Pacific Slope

Michael Kauffmann

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Conifers of the Pacific Slope is a contemporary field guide built to assist plant lovers in identifying one of the most intriguing and ancient groups of plants in the world. Conifers survive within the West’s most spectacular environments—from the coastal temperate rainforests to the highest mountain summits.

Educator, plant explorer, and author Michael Kauffmann introduces readers to the magic of the Pacific Slope’s conifers through:

  • Color plates for identifying 65 species
  • Accurate and updated collection of range maps for all conifer along the Pacific Slope
  • Destinations for finding conifers in the field
  • Tantalizing photos from across the West
  • All conifer species found in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, southern British Columbia and northern Baja California

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