Event lineup: Explore Red Buttes, crosscut course, volunteer campout

22 APRIL 2024 | GOLD HILL, OR. -- The 2024 season is shaping up and now includes a wildflower brunch, a crosscut saw certification course, a program on exploring the Red Buttes Wilderness, and a campout on the beach for volunteers in September. 

Signing up for an event is easy! Simply check out our calendar and click on the event you're interested in. Read the event description and follow signup instructions. 

May 5: Backcountry Brunch and Wildflower Walk
Join our board treasurer Haley Cox for a homemade brunch at our facility in Gold Hill, OR., followed by a breezy wildflower walk on our 72 acre property. Scratch menu including seasonal ingredients, served with champagne mimosas and ranch water to boot.

The property is about 3.5 miles from I5 Exit 40. Read more and get tickets here

May 16: Explore the Red Buttes program
Learn about the unique natural history of this magical wilderness and leave with a list of must-dos, insider information on trail conditions, and plenty of ideas for outings. Pick up a Red Buttes map and sign up for 2024 trips in this 21,000-acre wilderness nestling the Siskiyou highlands. 

The event is free and open to the public at our downtown Ashland facility (33 3rd Street). Things start at 6:30pm and run less than an hour. 

Get your crosscut certification for free in June

Join our saw program coordinator Trevor Meyer for a day in the classroom on June 15, and an opportunity to sign up for field evaluation on June 16 or June 17. The classroom is held at our Gold Hill facility and the field evaluations will be on a trail we carpool to from Gold Hill. 

Just email trevor@siskiyoumountainclub.org now for details and to sign up. 

'Freakin out there: Iron Mountain July 13 - 14
From the lush coastal mountains of Douglas-fir and hemlock rises the freakish Iron Mountain Botanical Area, covered in other worldly peridotite growing strange plants. 

Join us there for a weekend of easy volunteering! Email alex@siskiyoumountainclub.org for details and to sign up. 

September 20 - 22: Volunteer campout
We're still planning details, but mark your calendars now for this two-night campout at Harris Beach State Park for our volunteers. We're planning some events and coordinating some special hikes to show our volunteers gratitude for their time and service. 

This is going to be a very special weekend, so mark your calendars now! Email alex@siskiyoumountainclub.org if you are interested in joining or if you'd like to help organize, cook, or shuttle vehicles for the event. 

So much more
Spend June 28 - 30 at Babyfoot Lake working on the rim trail that will reconnect a day-long loop hike, or take July 27 - 28 to spend brushing out the Panther Ridge Trail, with its fir trees as thick as a sedan. July 23 - 25, spend a long weekend working from Azalea Lake, or July 10 - 11 head into the Red Buttes. 

Take out your planner, pull up our full calendar, and sign up for a trip now! And always feel free to email alex@siskiyoumountainclub.org with questions. 

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