Bolan Mountain Lookout Project

Siskiyou Mountain Club is slated to rebuild the Bolan Mountain Fire Lookout in partnership with Wild Rivers Ranger District, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The lookout burned in the 2020 Slater Fire during the same historic windstorm that fanned the flames of multiple fires across Oregon and northern California, wreaking havoc on communities and public lands.

Bolan in the news: 

The lookout will have its original feel but conform to modern engineering standards, using sustainable and fire-resistant materials. Construction is starting July 2024.

The Club is looking for sponsors to help fund the project and source materials. Email or call 458-254-0657 to participate. 

We are enlisting volunteers to help haul supplies, pre-finish materials, and work on trails in the vicinity, with dates planned. Email for details and to sign up. 

  • 6/29 - 6/30: Help haul supplies and set lightning protection 

Mountaintop Sponsors ($10,000+)

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Project Sponsors ($5000 - $9999)

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Building Sponsors ($1000 - $4999)

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Bolan Sponsors ($500-$999 and in-kind support)

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Suppliers, Contractors and Accolades

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