Siskiyou Trail Finder

Siskiyou Trail Finder

About the Trail Finder
The Siskiyou Trail Finder includes an inventory of trails the Siskiyou Mountain Club promises to maintain at least once every three years. We call it our footprint. These trails span many different areas in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Below you can read about how the map works.


  • Learn more about how to report trail conditions in a most useful format
  • Discover how to use GAIA or other smartphone apps in tandem with the Siskiyou Trailfinder
  • Submit trail report online
  • Trail report template for field use

    This is an interactive map that will be continually improved and updated. Trails that are currently well maintained within our footprint are depicted in bold, bright colors as a solid line. Trails we know to be in poor shape are distinguished with an X pattern, and we do not recommend their pursuit. Trails depicted in a dotted pattern have conditions unbeknownst to us, but are within our future work plans. Trails represented in a dot-dash pattern are within our maintenance cycle and are in fair shape. Those trails may have some obstacles, but are passable. The interactive map also includes roads to the trailheads.

    Click on a trail to view distance and elevation profile for that trail. This is a great first step in starting to plan your run or hike. To execute any advance functions, click “Open in CalTopo” in the upper righthand corner of the map. In your browser’s new tab, Caltopo you will provide options to use different map layers that integrate data from Forest Service, USGS, satellite images, etc.

    Downloading GPS data
    To download GPS data, open the map in Caltopo in its own tab. Then zoom into the area you would like to extrapolate data for. Try to get the best view of the trail route you want to explore so that the viewer excludes as many irrelevant trails as possible. Then use the export function at top center-left side of screen, and a list of all trails in the SMC footprint will populate a popup window. First use the check/uncheck function to uncheck all the trails, and you’ll notice a column that indicates which trails are on the map you zoomed into. Check which trails are relevant and export just those.

    Using GAIA with the Trail Finder
    We suggest you consider using the smartphone app GAIA in tandem with the Trail Finder to navigate routes and to report on trail conditions. Learn details on using GAIA and other smartphone apps in tandem with the Trailfinder here. Use the export function in Caltopo to retrieve Google Earth and GPX files. You can use these trail files to help with navigation using a smartphone or certain types of GPS watches. You can also send these files to other members of your group when you are in trip planning stages so that you may share route ideas.

    Become a trail scout
    We need your help inventorying trail routes so we can update the Trail Finder with up to date information, and to help develop work plans. Learn more about becoming a trail scout here, and contact us at for more details. The more that the community gets involved the more accurate the trail conditions in the Siskiyou Trail Finder will be.

    If you have questions about trails, trips, or want more information about how to get involved with SMC, email

    Trail conditions change rapidly. Many trails are in burn areas and on unstable soils. Accumulation of downed trees, acute erosion, heavy brush, and other adverse conditions are all things you’ll find in our footprint. There are also many other inherent dangers traveling in the backcountry not limited to mosquitoes, poison oak, wild animals, steep terrain, river crossings, weather hazards, and limited communication.

    This is an evolving tool and we want your thoughts. Email with comments or join the discussion below.