Wild Rogue Wilderness: Visitor’s guide:

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    About the Wild Rogue Wilderness
    Tucked at the far northwest corner of Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains, the wild Rogue River canyon has become revered as a premier river destination, and thousands of visitors from around the world float this remote river stretch each year. From the river canyon, steep slopes rise to some of the most intact old growth forests in western Oregon. Those forests lead to commanding peaks like Hanging Rock and Mt. Bolivar.

    The river canyon is quite popular among boaters and hikers, especially in peak seasons. It’s not uncommon to encounter groups of 20+ hikers supported by a cadre of rafts that ferry gear between camps. So avoid those peak seasons, holiday weekends, and other busy times as diligently as you want to avoid the abundant poison oak growing throughout the wilderness.

    Large bars along the river are in high demand, especially large rafting groups that frequent the Rogue through busy months. Do share campsites with boating and hiking parties and always respect other visitors.

    Also beware of rattlesnakes, ticks, mosquitoes, extreme temperatures, powerful marine storms, and torrential floods. Black bears along the river have become accustomed to humans and can become aggressive. Do not approach, follow, or harass wildlife.

    Hikers along the river canyon should consider bringing “wag bags” or “poop tubes” and carry out their own waste. There are no outhouses along the way, and locating suitable spots that are an honest 200 feet away from water in a rugged river canyon can be exceptionally difficult.

    Pick up the Wild Rogue Wilderness map to discover other day and multi-day hiking routes throughout this iconic area.

    Hike the Mt. Bolivar Trail to reach the Wild Rogue’s highest peak.

    Siskiyou Mountain Club staff, volunteers, and interns restored over 15 miles of trails in the Wild Rogue Wilderness in 2015 with a grant from REI-Coop and support from the Oregon Recreational Trails Program. We continue to maintain trails there on a three year rotation. complex of trails in the Wild Rogue Wilderness in the Wild Rogue Loop in 2015 with a grant from REI Medford and the Oregon State Recreational Trails Program.

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