Apply: 2018 Wilderness Conservation Corps Internship

Apply: 2018 Wilderness Conservation Corps Internship

Wilderness Corps Interns

Work in the heart of Southwest Oregon’s and Northwest California’s great Wilderness Areas recovering trails disappearing from the landscape.

General information
Wilderness Corps interns complete a training in late June before embarking on four 10 day trail projects in the Kalmiopsis, Siskiyou, and Marble Mountains Federal Wilderness Areas.

Our interns land jobs. We hire them for leadership positions in following years, and we help them with job placement. Apply now!

2018 Schedule: Participation in all dates is mandatory

  • June 21 – 28 Orientation: Build the fundamental skills you’ll need for your summer outside saving trails.
  • July 2 – 11, Hitch 1: Get your wings and find your place in the team.
  • July 16 – 25, Hitch 2: Take your skills and tackle a tough project.
  • July 26 – August 5, Enrichment session: Hand in your tools and spend some time exploring the area. Includes backpacking trip, social camp out, and some networking time.
  • August 6 – 15, Hitch 3: Show what you’re made of and start wrapping up projects.
  • August 20 – 29, Hitch 4: Demonstrate your leadership and leave your legacy.

    Soar: Training, academics, and certifications
    Bring life and your career on with this challenging internship. Interns work towards competency at a suite of tasks that prepare you to land jobs in outdoor work. Interns work as a group to produce daily video correspondence used in social media. Interns maintain a journal, document projects, and produce a series of essays.

    Interns have the option of completing a Wilderness Comprehension Certificate recognized by the Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center.

    More than a job: Compensation
    Interns receive a $1,600 stipend distributed over the term. Interns will receive $400 intallments on July 11, July 25, August 15, and August 29.

    Additionally, interns may receive up to $2,000 in tuition reimbursement, which is awarded directly to their academic institution. Interns may use tuition reimbursement for debt relief if already graduated. No for profit colleges. An independent committee reviews interns’ portfolio of field communications, essays, certifications, and disseminates scholarships based on academic merit.


  • Work above schedule with strong attitude.
  • Work up to 10 hours a day in rugged environments.
  • Use hand tools to restore and maintain trails.
  • Be self reliant and maintain professional attitude in a wilderness setting. Crews pack in their own food and supplies.


  • Must be enrolled in accredited community college or university. No for-profit colleges.
  • Ability to complete strenuous physical tasks day in, day out, including traveling on foot over rough terrain for up to 10-miles per day carrying 50 pounds or more
  • Ability to live and work in remote, primitive settings with no access to communication technology
  • No tobacco use or mobile devices on the trail
  • You must be able to participate in training session and all four work hitches.
  • Basic lightweight backpacking gear including sturdy boots, durable apparel, and a lightweight sleeping bag, tent, stove, utensils and backpack
  • Ability to work in and manage poison oak

    Still interested? Apply now!

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