HELP: We need your trip reports

HELP: We need your trip reports

HELP: We need your trip reports

13 August 2015 | Ashland, OR — We want your trip reports from hikes in southwest Oregon (click here to fill out form). The form takes less than one minute to complete and can be filled out anonymously. The information we collect will be used to document use of the trail we restore and maintain, and help decide which trails to restore in the future.

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The easy form has a field for you to share your stories and impressions should you choose. Trails we have restored or maintain are below. If you’ve hiked a trail we worked on, please fill out the form so we can document that people enjoy the trails we restore and maintain.

Fill out the form now in less than one minute

SMC Trails: Soda Mountain Wilderness

Trail name Description Last maintained
Pilot Rock Trail From PCT to base of chasm July 2015
Pacific Crest Trail From Pilot Rock to Soda Mountain Road July 2015
Boccard Point Trail From Baldy Creek Road July 2015

SMC Trails: Wild Rogue Wilderness

Mule Creek 1159 From Tucker Flat to Panther Ridge August 2015
Wild Rogue Trail 1160 From Marial to Clay Hill August 2015
Panther Ridge 1253 From Mule Creek Trail to Clay Hill Trail August 2015

SMC Trails: Red Buttes Wilderness

Shoofly Trail 954 From trailhead to Butte Fork Applegate Trail July 2015
Frog Pond Trail 953 From trailhead to the pond February 2015

SMC Trails: Kalmiopsis Wilderness

Trail name Description Last maintained Notes
Babyfoot Lake Trail 1124A From trailhead to Kalmiopsis Rim Trail 1124 May 2015 Starting point for Lilla and John Leach Loop
Babyfoot Lake Rim Trail 1126 To 1124 June 2014 Needs some brushing
Kalmiopsis Rim Trail From Babyfoot Lake Rim to Doe Gap July 2015 Needs brushing near Babyfoot Lake Rim
Emily Cabin Trail 1129 From Kalmiopsis Rim to Bailey Cabin Trail 1131 February 2015 Expect windfall
Bailey Cabin Trail 1131 From Emily Cabin Trail to Bailey Mtn Tr. 1109 May 2014 Not signed
Bailey Mountain Trail 1109 From Bailey Cabin Trail 1131 to 1102 May 2015 Needs treading
Upper Chetco Trail 1102 From 1109 to 1110 May 2015
Johnson Butte Trail 1110 From Vulcan Lake Trailhead to 1102 May 2015 Needs some re-treading and signs