Thank You Members and Volunteers

Thank You Members and Volunteers

Members And Volunteers: The Difference You Make Is Clear

Here are some of our favorite before-after shots from the last six or so months. When you come out and volunteer, or choose to give, your generosity goes a long way. Sign up for a volunteer trip or join our growing membership today.
Bailey BeforeBailey Cabin Trail, Kalmiopsis Wilderness.
Bailey AfterThe brush grows exceptionally fast here because there’s no canopy.

Bailey BeforeBrush may not keep hikers from passing a trail altogether, but it will push them off the tread, causing loss of tread and soil damage from erosion.
Bailey AfterIt’s important to always restore the “native” tread and to avoid re-routing trails, even if it takes lots of work.

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Old GrowthThis old-growth Doug fir fell on the Butte-Fork Applegate River Trail, Red Buttes Wilderness and had forced hikers to create a path around it.
Butte Fork AfterIt took hours for this crew to cut the 50 inch tree from the trail.

JackstrawIn fire areas it’s pretty typical for the same sections to fill in with trees year after year, like on this section of Upper Chetco Trail 1102 near Box Canyon Creek.
AfterIn areas burned by the 2002 Biscuit Fire, small diameter blowdown is dissipating now.

PCT BeforeWhen old-growth falls on popular trails like this Soda Mountain Wilderness section of the Pacific Crest Trail…
PCT AfterSMC volunteers cut them out using crosscut saws, wedges, axes.

Can't Find BeforeSometimes we have to search for the trail in fire areas.
AfterBut it’s always there.

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