Sponsor events

Sponsor events

17 MAY 2017 | GOLD HILL, ORE. — Our 2017 sponsors (individuals and businesses who give $1,000 or more between January 1, 2017 and June 29, 2017) will be invited to spend some time with our crew this year.

• June 29 Meet the Crew Barbecue, 5pm at Lithia Park. Meet the interns as they get back from their last day of a week of intense field training. Watch our annual crosscut saw competition and help us start the 2017 field season on the right foot. Everyone is welcome.

• July 27 spend a day on the Rogue River boating with the crew. Get dropped off in an inflatable kayak at Hogs Creek, and picked up in Galice.

• August 4 meet the crew for picnic in Grants Pass. Lunch at Riverside Park and check in to see how the summer is going.

• August 30 picnic with the crew on their last day of the season. Close out the season and wish our interns farewell as they embark on their next adventure.