SMC logo demystified

SMC logo demystified

The original SMC logo from the original t-shirt

by Gabe Howe

Ashland, OR | 3 December 2012 — The Club logo has received quirky feedback over the years. One volunteer on a trip told me it looked cheesy. Others have not been so nice, and a couple people even say they like it.

But most logo criticism I receive is neutral, as is the tone of the logo, and for those that don’t know, there’s a story behind it.

Original SMC t-shirt

First of all, it was made by no professional of anything. It was made by me arranging a bunch of clip art in’s t-shirt design software. It was July 2010, and I didn’t necessarily need a logo; I needed a shirt. But as I pieced the “cheesy” art together, I did have a plan.

The lightning-bolt shaped river was to represent wild rivers juxtaposed to a landscape defined by frequent lightning fires, which shaped the bare looking tree. On top it I placed the most jumbled mountain range available in CustomInk’s index.

And on top it all, a hiker, a human, having a wilderness experience. But the hiker isn’t alone. She has a pulaski, perhaps the most universal trail tool, in her hand, ready to serve, ready to work. She marches onward and upward, ready to tackle the next challenge, knowing well she’ll have to tackle it again.

Sometimes the Club logo will appear with our tagline — Volunteer Explore Enjoy — wrapped around the bottom or next to the design. Sometimes the website may also be wrapped around the bottom.

Volunteer Matt Cortese has helped with his services in bringing the logo from a cropped t-shirt image to something we can use for letterhead, websites and other communications.

Gabe Howe