SMC kicks off new year with good news

SMC kicks off new year with good news

Volunteers at the rim of Babyfoot Lake. September 2012. 

17 January 2013 | Ashland, OR — The SMC kicked off the year right, with news we received a grant from the Carpenter Foundation. SMC director Gabe Howe submitted a grant proposal to them in November 2012.

Earlier this week we received a letter stating terms of the grant, and accepted the $3000 award to be used toward putting youth from Josephine and Jackson counties to work on the Trans-Kalmiopsis Route project. The funds will be used to offset the cost of food, transportation, and paying trained crew leaders.

They will be leading a 17-day crew represented by graduating seniors from Jackson and Josephine County high schools. Successful participants will receive a $1500 scholarship award to be used toward the Oregon accredited, non-profit college of their choice. Monies will be distributed through the given college’s financial aid department.

Recruiting is already underway at area high schools, and the application is available here. The scholarship fund is currently at about $4200. That’s almost enough for three crew members. We need at least five.

Those interested in participating should contact SMC director Gabe Howe, or head straight to our support page to contribute now. There you can ensure your money will go straight toward scholarships for youth who participate in our one of a kind program proven to enrich lives, develop applicable skills, and boost employment.

This was the first foundation grant the Club had applied for to be used in 2013. We aggregate funds from diverse sources to operate our programs.

The Club is proud to be joining a the Carpenter Foundation’s list of  grantees, including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the Ashland Independent Film project.