Sentimental Sunday

Sentimental Sunday

The very original SMC crew, Babyfoot Lake TrailheadSMC

6 December 2013 | Ashland, OR — In late 2009 Club founders Jillian Stokes and Gabe Howe started talking with Forest Service staff about organizing volunteers to clean up trails in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area.

By spring 2010 they had organized volunteers who wanted to help out on a project that started June 18 and ended June 26.

In early June Stokes and Howe still didn’t have a volunteer agreement signed, adn they were taking out strangers who signed up after reading community bulletins. They had a stack of hardhats and a trunk full of hand tools.

They thought about calling the trip off, but decided to go forward with it anyway. They took the time off from work and bought food ready to go anyway.

Then, on June 17, Howe got a call.

“Gabe, this is George Brierty,” he said in a quiet raspy voice. Stokes and Howe had met with George before to discuss our plans.

“Hey George.”

“You still plannin on going out there tomorrow, or, uh–“

“Yea, George, that’s the plan,” Howe told Brierty.

“Well, I got this volunteer agreement down here signed by the new district ranger.”

And the rest is history. The Club has been working with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management under volunteer agreements ever since. Until now.

We assume our volunteer agreements are suspended during the government shutdown. We operate under volunteer agreements that assume liability, a mechanism of the 1972 Volunteers In The National Forests Act.