Seasonal water sources already dry

Seasonal water sources already dry

28 April 2013 | Kerby, OR — Seasonal water sources on the Club’s Trans-Kalmiopsis Route are already dry, limiting options for early season hikers who want to hike the nine miles from Babyfoot Lake Trailhead to the Chetco River. 

Hikers have enjoyed seasonal sources of water at the Bailey Cabin – Emily Cabin junction, as well as at the base of Bailey Mountain on Trail No. 1109. But this year, those sources are already dry, as snowdrifts still loom on the north facing slopes of Babyfoot Lake Rim Trail No. 1126 and Kalmiopsis Rim Trail No. 1124.

Seasonal water source at the base of Bailey Mtn, just off Bailey Mtn Trail No. 1109. June 22, 2010.

The only dependable source of water between Babyfoot Lake and Carter Creek is at Bailey Cabin Site, about 5.5-miles from the Babyfoot Lake Trailhead. In previous years, hikers have used these sources throughout most of June.

These sections of the Trans-Kalmiopsis Route are filled in with brush and downed logs, making hiking difficult, but the route is definable. The road to Babyfoot Lake Trailhead is snow free.