Reaching out

Reaching out

Rob Ginsbach and Jackie Kramer reach out

24 January 2013 | Cave Junction, OR — The SMC has launched a new scholarship program for 2013. $1500 academic awards will be given to high school seniors from Jackson and Josephine Counties who participate in a 15-day trail project in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness July 2 – 16. Participants will also be required to participate in an orientation June 1 – 2.

The first round of recruiting was underway today at Illinois Valley High School in Cave Junction. SMC field coordinator Gabe Howe and crew leader Austin Kasner presented to a class of high school seniors.

“They were into it,” says Kasner.

Kasner tells the audience his own inspiring story from his experience in 2012. The first day into his 8-day trip, blisters had already developed on his ankles.

“On the way out, I looked down, and they had callused over,” Kasner says. “I’d hardened. I left a lot tougher, and a lot more confident.”

“This is a unique opportunity,” Howe tells the class of about 25, “because there are no terms other than service.”

The award can be used toward any Oregon accredited college. Part time and non-traditional students are encouraged to apply. The monies will be distributed through the given college’s financial aid department.

“We don’t care about your GPA or extra curricular activities,” says Howe, “all you have to do is participate.”

To learn more and apply for the scholarship, click here. 

The Club currently has enough in the fund for almost three $1500 scholarships. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide five students with this amazing opportunity.

Inquiries can be made to SMC Field Coordinator Gabe Howe, howegabe(a), 541-708-2056