Michael Kauffmann: Why I Give

Michael Kauffmann: Why I Give

By Michael Kauffmann
Author of Conifer Country and Conifers of the Pacific Slope.
Kauffmann FamilyMichael Kauffmann with his wife, Allison Poklemba, and his son, Silas.

In the spring of 2010 I ventured into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness for the first time. My goal was to find a plant that only grows within the wilderness boundaries. After several trail miles, a big smile came across my face when I found Kalmiopsis leachiana, flowering no less. Locating Kalmiopsis was one of many “discoveries” on this trip.

Others included a surprising diversity of life, wild and scenic rivers, big views for many square miles, and seemingly endless trails. Along these walkways, it was apparent that someone was putting significant effort into clearing and maintaining the routes, protecting them from a jack-straw of fallen trees—skeletons remaining and slowly toppling from the 2002 Biscuit Fire.

Upon returning to the “real world” I realized what a seminal experience, in one of the wildest and most diverse regions of the Klamath Mountains, I was offered by a dedicated crew of folks. I figured this was a group who must really care about wild places. Eventually, I found out who the Siskiyou Mountain Club was and about their lofty plan to maintain these isolated trails and re-establish the Trans-Kalmiopsis route.

I believe strongly in the power and importance of grassroots organizations run by real people who want to do good things—simply because they can. Since getting to know more about the work of the SMC, I have become a yearly supporter. It was an easy decision for many reasons including the fact that I know that every penny donated helps maintain access to the places I love and support and organization that helps connect us all to our natural history.

-Michael Kauffmann, Author

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