Lone Pilot Trail Description

Lone Pilot Trail Description

Lone Pilot Trail, Soda Mountain Wilderness Area

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Getting Around

Pick up an Oregon Road Atlas, as well as the USGS’ 2001 issue of the 7.5″ quadrant Siskiyou Pass. From Ashland, OR head south on I5 and take Mt. Ashland Exit 6. Continue south on Old Highway 99, beyond the Mt. Ashland Ski Access Road, to the Pilot Rock Jeep Road. Follow Pilot Rock Jeep Road to the old parking lot.

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Once You Get To The Trailhead:

Walk south on the old road for about 3/4 miles to the Pacific Crest Trail. From there continue south to southwest and reach a signed junction at around 2-miles from the trailhead. From here the trail slowly assumes an eastward direction and reaches the east fork of Hutton Creek at about 5-miles.

This is one of only two perennial water sources along the route. From here the old road contours around and into the Slide drainage which is usually completely dry. Eventually it descends into the Scotch Creek drainage, known for its hovering maples and gigantic ponderosa pines.

At 9-miles is Scotch Creek, a decent site. If Scotch Creek is dry where the road crosses, which is likely, you have two options. Follow the apex of the drainage down for about 8-10 minutes to where there’s a perennial spring rolling over a small outcrop; or continue up the road for about another mile to where another perennial spring crosses the road.

Reach Lone Pine Ridge at about 10.5-miles into the hike and head north. The road makes a big switch back and reaches the Pacific Crest Trail at 12-miles. Follow the Pacific Crest Trail west (PCT South) for about 3.5-miles to where you crossed it before.

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