2015 Intern: Kora Mousseaux

2015 Intern: Kora Mousseaux

09 MAY 2017 | CENTRAL POINT, ORE. — Born and raised in the Rogue Valley, Kora Mousseaux hit the ground running when she joined the crew in June 2015. Kora says the SMC job was a challenge. “We faced rugged conditions, working 60 days in four months. I learned about teamwork, communication, and endurance.”

After graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2016, Kora landed a job with Jackson County’s Soil and Water Conservation District.

“My time with the SMC contributed to my professional abilities. Conveniently, it counted toward my required internship for school.”

She’s busy assisting schools, landowners, cities, and other organizations on natural resources issues.

“The skills I learned at SMC are essential.”

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