June 1-2 Youth Orientation Trip Report

June 1-2 Youth Orientation Trip Report

SMC youth scholarship crew stands next to bucked log

3 June 2013 | Kerby, OR — The Siskiyou Mountain Club’s scholarship crew spent National Trails Day rehabilitating a loop around the Kalmiopsis Wilderness’ popular Babyfoot Lake, where we camped. They hiked out Sunday morning.

The crew didn’t hesitate to cut a large log from the trail, which took a couple of hours. They learned trail maintenance basics, and got used to the Kalmiopsis rugged, hazardous and very unusual environment. The same crew will be spending 15-days in the Kalmiopsis next month.

“It was perhaps the most rewarding trip I’ve done,” says Gabe Howe, Siskiyou Mountain Club executive director and field coordinator. “I really like this age group. They have open minds and lots of energy.”

For some of the high school seniors who just graduated, this was their first time backpacking. After their term of service in July, each crew member receives a $1,500 academic scholarship.

“We are so proud of this program,” says Howe. “I love to be sharing this area, my knowledge and skills with the next generation. They’re going to be a tough crew.”