We Want You To Hit The Trail

We Want You To Hit The Trail

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May 24 – 26 | This Memorial Day Weekend go wild in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area. On Saturday we’ll drive to Babyfoot Lake Trailhead and backpack in 5-6 miles (depending on water availability to a highcountry camp and setup camp.

We’ll spend all day Saturday sawing downed trees and clearing heavy brush and hike back to the trailhead on Monday.

This trip is difficult to arduous, and our objective is to get as much work done on this section as possible. With inclement weather we may work on a different trail. Email howegabe@gmail.com or call 541-708-2056 for details and to sign-up.

June 7 – 8 | Join us for National Trails Day in the Soda Mountain Wilderness Area near Ashland, OR. On Saturday we’ll leave Ashland at 9:30 a.m. for the Pacific Crest Trail near Bean Cabin. From there we’ll hike northeast to Soda Mountain Road, clearing downed logs and brush along the way.

We’ll camp-out at Bean Cabin and on Sunday finish any work on this section of the trail, and perhaps hike to Boccard Point. This trip is easy to moderate, full of good learning opportunities, and families are welcome and encouraged. Email howegabe@gmail.com or call 541-708-2056 for details.

June 18 – 20 | Support our youth crew on the wilder side of the Kalmiopsis wilderness. This crew will pack very light and be responsible for hiking in supplies to our youth crew. On June 18 we’ll drive to the Vulcan Lake Trailhead and hike in 5.5-miles to a high-country camp. On the 19th we’ll drop supplies off to the crew’s camp, and on the 20th we’ll hike out up to 9-miles.

This is your chance to see a rare side of the Kalmiosis wilderness, challenge yourself, and make a huge difference. The trip is arduous and equally as adventurous. Email howegabe@gmail.com or call 541-708-2056 for details and to sign-up.

June 26 – 30 | Spend four nights in the Kalmiopsis wilderness area’s deep recesses. We’re going to hike nine miles into Carter Creek from Babyfoot Lake and clean out windfall along the Chetco River. The group will hike in on the 26th, work for three days, and hike all the way out on the 30th. Magic Canyon

This is your chance to see the Chetco River and the famous Magic Canyon Gorge (above)for yourself. Camp on the banks of Oregon’s wildest, most pristine river, and learn how to buck out old-growth trees from the trail with a crosscut saw.

This trip is difficult to arduous. Email howegabe@gmail.com for details and to sign-up.

Go to https://siskiyoumountainclub.org/get-involved/volunteer/ for the complete calendar. And make sure to sign-up for our email list to keep updated on changes and new trips when we add them.