Work this summer in the West Coast’s most remote wildlands

Work this summer in the West Coast’s most remote wildlands

22 MAY 2018 | ASHLAND, ORE. — Siskiyou Mountain Club is still looking to hire 2 – 4 more interns for our Wilderness Conservation Corps. The position runs June 21 – August 30, with a break in work in July.

Our crew packs into the most remote Wilderness Areas on the Pacific Coast and works for 10 days at a time on trails damaged by wildfire. They spend their days running crosscut saws, clipping brush, and digging out tread. Interns keep a video journal and produce a few essays over the summer to complete the academic portion of their training. Interns don’t need experience. They need to show commitment.

The pay is a $1,600 stipend that is dispersed over the summer, and up to $2,000 in tuition reimbursement that can be applied to university, community college or skills programs in the nonprofit sector. Our crews spend their summer exploring and working in the West Coast’s most distinguished wildlands.

“I was in the best shape of my life,” says 2015 intern Andrea Humbert. Humbert is now working for the Forest Service and completing her undergrad in forestry at Oregon State University. “I wouldn’t have this job or be where I’m at without Siskiyou Mountain Club,” she says.

Humbert isn’t alone, and the program has developed a “level of prestige,” says executive director Gabriel Howe. “People come to me and they want to hire our interns.”

Siskiyou Mountain Club assists with job placement for successful interns, and helps develop professional contacts.

“It’s a chance to see what you’re made of,” says Valentin Chavez. Chavez worked as a 2016 intern, and returned in 2017 as a crew leader. The Club hires from within to fill staff positions.

“Landing a staff position becomes a goal for lots of interns,” says executive director Gabe Howe. “It can pan out to be a good summer job. Decent pay. Plenty of overtime. And a summer in the backwoods.”

Interns don’t need any outdoor experience. They need to demonstrate a willingness to challenge themselves, according to Howe. “That’s what I’m looking for. People who want to see what they’re made of.”

Don’t let life make you soft. Build your muscles, develop your skills, and define your resume. The positions are open until filled. Read the full job description and apply now.

Call 541-708-2056 or email with any inquiries at all.