Hiring Fire Recovery Positions

Hiring Fire Recovery Positions

Work in the heart of the West Coast’s wildest, most remote places, and make sure the public doesn’t lose a single trail mile to the 2017 fire season.

12 DECEMBER 2017 | GOLD BEACH, ORE. — Siskiyou Mountain Club is hiring positions for a crew tasked with post fire trail recovery work in the footprint of the 2017 Chetco Bar Fire. Crew members will work a schedule of eight days on, six days off, starting in mid March and work through October. The crew takes a break in July. The pay is $16 – $18 per hour, including overtime pay, and options for group insurance plan after 90 days.

Work days are 8 – 10 hours. The crew will work from remote locations, often times backpacking into work sites. For some projects, crew may be stationed at trailheads or nearby campgrounds. The crew is self-supported and packs in their own food and supplies. Ideal candidates demonstrate a passion for the outdoors, and are eager to spend long periods of time outside in remote areas without amenities. Our crews work in a team environment that is well rounded, positive, and competitive.

Job duties

  • Restore trail bench using hand tools such as Pulaskis, shovels, and grub hoes
  • Brush trail prism using pruning saws and long armed loppers
  • Replace trail signs
  • Cut downed trees from trail prism using crosscut and power saws
  • Coordinate with partners to ensure benchmarks are being met
  • Quality control
  • Document assignments with photographs and diligent notes
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must be able to carry 50 pounds up to 10 miles
  • Must be able to spend 8 – 10 hours performing labor
  • Strong communication skills with ability to receive feedback and act on it
  • Positive attitude and well adapted to stressful situations
  • Some camping and hiking gear is required
  • Reliable transportation to/from Illinois Valley and Southern Oregon Coast for rendezvous. SMC provides transportation to/from trailheads
  • Ability to get along with a small group for extended periods

    The positions are funded through November 3, but there is the possibility some positions will be extended should more funding come available. Email your resume to aaron@siskiyoumountainclub.org. Include a cover letter that demonstrates your passion for working in the outdoors.

    We are an equal opportunity employer.

    We encourage creativity, and reward self motivation and leadership. Our organization pursues meaningful achievements that lead to strategic outcomes. We work hard and we have fun. This opportunity is perfect for entry level applicants eager to build a resume working as a skilled technician in the outdoors, natural resource, and conservation disciplines. The work is difficult and as equally meaningful. Everyone is welcome.