Heat of 2012 Season Wrapping Up

Heat of 2012 Season Wrapping Up

The 2012 summer season is wrapping up for SMC volunteers who this year have worked over 2,000 hours already. The SMC has put over 22 different volunteers to work mostly on trail projects in the Kalmiopsis and Soda Mountain Wilderness Areas, with day trips in the Red Buttes and Wild Rogue.

For every project that breaches 100 hours of on-the-ground volunteer labor, the SMC publishes a trip report in PDF format.

  • 2012 June Kalmiopsis
  • 2012 July Soda Mtn
  • 2012 August Kalmiopsis
  • Babyfoot Lake logout, photo by Justin Rohde
    In the trip reports, readers can peruse maps, check out the many pictures, read a narrative of our progress and check the current status on trails. 
    Big pine on Lone Pilot Trail
    Volunteers busted through 3.5-miles of jackstraw between Slide Creek and Taggart’s Bar in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area, and had to rework sections that SMC volunteers cleared in 2010. 
    SMC volunteer crews also made easily passable all but 1,200 feet of the Lone Pilot Trail in the Soda Mountain Wilderness. The last, most remote section to brush out is scheduled to be worked through this fall.