Get to know our volunteers: Stefani Gissel

Get to know our volunteers: Stefani Gissel

2011 volunteer Stefani Gissel standing next to her tool of choice

Ashland, OR | 3 June 2013 — In 2011 Stefani Gissel joined the Club, for an 8-day trip in the Kalmiopsis wilderness area. That June Gissel and her crew worked from a ridge-top camp near Johnson Butte towards Box Canyon, clearing thickets of fallen trees and brush along the way.

Each day the work site got farther and deeper from camp. And each evening the hike back got tougher. Gissel pushed on, earning practicum credit for a bachelor’s in Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Southern Oregon University.

In the meantime Gissel earned her degree, and she’s graduating this month. Now she’s packing her bags for Eleuthera Island in the bajamas, where she’s going to be working doing what she loves.

“I’ll be taking people out sailing and kayaking, snorkeling and surfing,” she says. She’s been hired on as an activities coordinator for Island Language College, which operated an English immersion program on the island.

“Getting the job was easy because my OAL degree and I have lots of field experience,” she says. “They liked my energy and my resume.” 

Even though Gissel landed a job in paradise, she sees herself returning to Southern Oregon. 

“I really want to walk the whole route. That’s my goal.”

Bon voyage, Stefani. I hope we have the route ready for you!