Donate your old digital camera

Donate your old digital camera

for the Siskiyou Hiker

2 JUNE 2017 | RED BUTTES WILDERNESS, CALIF. — Our summer interns need digital cameras to help document their summer. They come on June 23 and work through August 30. While in the field, interns don’t bring their cell phones. And they deserve a decent camera to document their summer.

If you have a digital camera you’d like to donate for an intern, we’d sure appreciate it. Have an old one laying around? About to upgrade? It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. But it should be functional. And we’re looking for Go Pro type cameras as well. C falls (11).JPG

Want to help out? Email or call 541-708-2056 to arrange a drop off, or send the camera to:

POB 3566

You’ll be able to follow the pictures and movies they’re taking on Instagram and our blog. Our interns read and write each day, and this year they’ll be adding some other media to their summer’s portfolio.

Charitable in-kind gifts may be tax-deductible as allowed by IRS tax-code. Have other in-kind donations in mind? We want to chat (especially about vehicles and tools). Just call 541-708-2056 or email ###