Club receives grant award from PNWFSA

Club receives grant award from PNWFSA

4 February 2013 | Ashland, OR — The Siskiyou Mtn Club received news today that we were awarded a $1000 grant by the Pacific Northwest Forest Service Association (PNWFSA), also known as the OldSmokeys.

The award will be used to offset supply costs. This is the second $1000 grant the Club has received from the OldSmokeys.

“I could see there was some alignment between our organizations,” says Gabe Howe, the Club’s Director responsible for writing grants and fundraising at large. “Our work is embedded in the rich trail legacy of the Forest Service.”

The Old Smokeys’ membership is represented by retired Forest Service employees from Pacific Northwest Region 6. Their mission is to:

  • Provide opportunities for retirees and persons nearing retirement to share their knowledge of resource management with people living in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Provide a link between land management agencies and retirees, emphasizing the importance of historical events, people and equipment. 
  • Promote relationships beneficial to the conservation of the Northwest’s natural resources. 
  • Encourage retiring Forest Service persons and their associates to maintain and nurture their professional and personal heritage. 

    Learn more about the OldSmokeys at their website, There you can find loads of information on Forest Service history, learn more about the organization, and read their newsletter.

    The SMC aggregates funds from diverse funders to operate our programs.