Bitter sweet office move

Bitter sweet office move

Bitter sweet: SMC loses office space

For the Siskiyou Hiker

30 May 2015 | Ashland, OR — The mood is bitter sweet down here on “A” Street in Ashland, as we pack up boxes from our little donated cubicle and move into administrative limbo. A lot happened from this little desk in the last few years.

This is where visions form, where plans are developed, and from where dreams come true.

A lot of history fills these banker’s boxes. Old project agreements, grant denial letters, signed waivers, and stories that ring challenge and triumph. And as we move forward into 2015, we have more resources in the backcountry than ever.

But we have nowhere to work from, and still need to find office space that suits our needs. We need somewhere where we can dream, laugh and cry from. It needs to be accessible, safe and within the Bear Creek Valley. And it needs to be very affordable or donated.

Do you have space you’d like to offer? Please email or call 541-708-2056.