Hazards in the backwoods: Sunburn to predator attacks

Hazards in the backwoods: Sunburn to predator attacks

13 JULY 2017 | ASHLAND, ORE. — Join Dr. Jeri Mendelson for our July rendezvous at Ashland Outdoor Store (37 3rd Street, Ashland, Ore.), July 20 at 6:30pm. She has a slideshow prepared on hazards in the backwoods, from predator attacks, to poison oak and sunburn, to blisters and contractions of secondary infections. But more importantly, Dr. Mendelson will help you navigate your way through avoiding those hazards safely.

Dr. Mendelson is used to teaching a series of lectures on the subject. “It’s hard to pack it all into one presentation,” she says. Dr. Mendelson says this presentation is for the casual hiker. She has insight into the best sunblocks, how to avoid and treat poison oak, what to do if you get bit by a spider or a rattlesnake in the backwoods.

“I don’t want to scare people,” she says. “I just educate them on how to avoid this stuff.”

A dermatologist by trade, Dr. Mendelson has had an exciting career.

“I’ve worked for the US Forest Service as a wildlife biologist, for the Smithsonian.” Then Dr. Mendelson did a three year masters program on bats, and “went to med school at 40,” she says. “My heart is still in tick and mosquito born diseases.”

Enjoy beverages and snacks provided by SMC, and shop at the Ashland Outdoor Store. Let them know that you’re a member at your checkout, and they’ll donate 1% of their sales to Siskiyou Mountain Club.

“I’m excited for this,” says Mendelson. “I love your organization.” ###