$150: A freshly restored vintage axe forged in America

Get an axe you want to show people, one forged in America when steel was high in carbon and kids grew up chopping wood.

These antique axe heads are each unique with their own story. Each head varies in style and size, but we select only American forged axes that have never met the wrath of an electric grinder, which damages the steel’s structure. They are all restored in our shop using tried and true methods developed right here in the Pacific Northwest.


Then we hang the axe on a 36″ hickory handle, also manufactured here in the U.S. It will take four to six weeks for your axe to arrive. After that, it’s your piece of American heritage. Put it to work chopping wood, or hang it on your wall for a new conversation piece.

We recommend coating the handle with multiple layers of boiled linseed oil. It brings out the wood’s patterns and preserves its integrity. Keep the head out of the dirt, and use a bastard file to sharpen it from time to time.


Every penny from the sale goes to support our Fire Recovery Fund, so we can ensure Southwest Oregon doesn’t lose a single trail mile to the 2017 fire season.