Attn: Equestrians, Runners, Hikers

Attn: Equestrians, Runners, Hikers

SMC Needs Trail Scouters

Red Buttes
20 May 2014 | Marial, OR — We are looking for trail scouters. We have a number of routes that need to be inventoried for trail conditions so we can make future project plans.

Scouters go out on their own time to hike, run, or ride specific trails we need information for. They keep a detailed account of trail conditions, and report them back to us.

The trails we need data from are remote and sometimes difficult to find. We mostly need data from the Wild Rogue and Red Buttes Wilderness Areas.
You should be very competent at map reading, physically able, and experienced in wilderness travel. Ready to go? The SMC may be able to provide for travel costs. Email or call 541-708-2056 for details.