2014 Dispatch

2014 Dispatch

Dispatch From SMC Trail Crew


We’ve all had a very busy summer. After the last days of school we headed straight out to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area on a long hitch.

The trip was amazing.

It started with a tough hike from the Vulcan Lake Trailhead. We spent 18-nights between there and Babyfoot Lake. We crosscut over 600 logs from the 26-mile route, and cleared sections of thick brush and slash, the last few miles of the route that were impassable and undefined.

Our nightly reading has included Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold and Down The River by Edward Abbey. And with time our journal entries have become more colorful.
When it got too hot to work in the heat of the Kalmiopsis, we headed straight to work on the Pilot Rock Trail. Now we’re busy with rehab work on the Lone Pilot Trail, and heading back to the Kalmiopsis in late August for another long hitch.

We have marked this summer with accomplishments. And we couldn’t do it without your support.
Thanks so much to our awesome members who have kept the Club’s gears turning so we can stay at work over the summer.


2014 SMC Trail Crew (aka Chetco I)

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